ITV Plus 1 (+1)

ITV+1 Now Playing ITV+1 is the UK’s biggest commercial television network watched on average by 45m people in a typical week. ITV1 provides programming across all genres including drama, entertainment, current affairs, news, film and sport. ITV+1 – TV Schedule (opens in new window)

ITV was created in 1954. ITV stood for the Independent Television service which the government created to provide an alternative TV service to the BBC. The ITV was composed of several regions which private companies could buy the right to run a local television service in. So at this stage ITV was not a specific company or channel it was a system for opening up the UK television. Over time the different companies who ran the regional TC channels jointly adopted the brand ITV1, a move which was helped by the gradual merging of many of the original franchises. Finally in 2004 Granada merged with Carlton Communications and creating ITV plc. ITV1 +1 was launched on 11 January 2011. ITV and ITV Plus 1 transmit some of the UK’s best loved programmes like Coronation Street, News at Ten and This Morning. The channels also contain some of the best reality TV – X Factor, I’m a Celebrity both find homes at ITV.

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